Don`t Want to Lose Your Luuux?

4 years ago

There`s been a lot of new members lately so I thought it`s time for another NEWBIE post.

If you don`t want to lose your Luuux points read on!

1. Put your posts in the appropriate universe. If you`re not sure what universe the post belongs in, consult a Moderator. They are easily found as the leaders in the Community Universe page. When a post does not "fit" into any of the eight colored universes, they are moved into Community where you lose all points associated with the post.

2. Do not post spam or post with spam characters. For example, if your posts contains repetitive characters like "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", which is used to meet the 250 character requirement. The post will be deleted. If you make duplicate posts, they will be deleted. Write meaningful long posts.

3. Do not cheat with Spam Comments. If you`re found spamming your own posts with numerous comments you can find those points taken away.

4. No profanity or nudity in posts. This website includes young teenagers. Keep it clean.

5. Do not just copy from another site. When a website reports to us that you do not have permission to repost their material whether it be an image or text. The post is deleted. To avoid this, always try to use your own image and/or text when possible.

6. Properly source your posts. When you place a shop order, your sources need to be in order. If they`re not you`re asked to fix it. If you`re not able to fix it, or do not want to you may have to have the posts deleted which would result in lost of points.

These are just some of the most common ways to lose points. I hope this has been helpful to you.

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