Don`t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23

4 years ago

when i first heard about this show, i felt like it was either going to be amazing or really tank. the previews didn`t really get me into it, actually. they even showed previews at the movie theater, and i wasn`t too into it. i think i only got into it because they offered the first two episodes free on itunes before they even aired on TV. take note tv studios - that`s the way to get people to watch your shows! let them download them for free lol

i ended up really enjoying the show. the first episode made me laugh out loud, though i can`t say the rest of the season has done the same. i do find each episode very amusing though, and i like how each episode ends with character development by both of the two main characters, chloe and june.

when i first encountered this chloe character on the show, i immediately thought of sue sylvester on glee, only younger and "hipper." i remember watching glee for the first season and thinking sue sylvester was out of this world bats*** crazy with the things she said and while funny, she was absolutely outrageous! chloe is very reminiscent of sue. i do quite enjoy her character and i`m not gonna lie - i love how she is so fearless and rude and out there. i can`t say i wish i were like her because that would be quite extreme, but i love her character.

and then i mainly feel bad for june haha

i don`t really understand james van der beek`s place on the show LOL love the guy but he is just so awkward on this show. i wouldn`t want him to leave but i don`t exactly want him to stay. it`s a love/hate relationship. i think i just miss dawson, which i think is exactly what the show`s creators/producers/etc. want to get at.

have you watched don`t trust the b**** in apartment 23? what are your thoughts?

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