Don`t Trust the B---- in Apt 23 (TV Thoughts)

<Strong>Don`t Trust the B---- in Apt 23</strong> is a new television series that just piloted yesterday, March 26, 2012. You can watch this on ABC at 9:30PM/8:30PM c on ABC.

What is <Strong>Don`t Trust the B---- in Apt 23</strong> television show about?

June moves to New York from Indiana to follow her dream job at a mortgage company. That mortgage company also gave her a spacious apartment to live in.. but on her first day of work guess what happen? The company shut down because the boss embezzled lots of money forcing her to the streets. She`s forced to seek work since she used up a lot of her money already (as well as her parents). While getting coffee, she finds an ex-employee of hers already getting a job on the same day as being fired, Mark. So, June is motivated to seek a job and uses her last savings to find a roommate in town. Little did she know.. she finds a roommate named Chloe. While settling everything as June was leaving a neighbor Robin who is obsessed with Chloe warns to not trust Apt 23. Why? No answer but June finds out why when Chloe`s intention was to scam June by taking her money like she does with all her other roomies. Instead the two actually becomes friends.

Figure out how Chloe and June actually becomes friends. The way they truly became friends is way different then how a normal person would.

My thoughts?
I actually like this show. I`m a huge fan of ABC shows in general. I will be watching this show in the future!

<strong><em>Did you watch Don`t Trust the B---- in Apt 23? What are your thoughts about this new television show? Will you be continuing to watch it? What are your expectations of this television show if you have any? </strong></em>

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