Don`t Trust Siri On Your iPhone

4 years ago

I recently rediscovered my love for Siri on my iPhone 4S, but my boyfriend broke the news to me that Siri records everything you say to it and sends it straight to Apple. <strong>SAY WHAT?!</STRONG> I refused to believe it, but I looked it up and alas, it is true.

<strong>Don`t trust Siri.</strong>

The scariest thing about Siri is that <strong>it records everything...</strong> your voice, your user information, and everything you say... straight to Apple. Can you imagine all the user information Apple has on all iPhone users? I do not feel safe at all.

You may argue that the information is just so Siri can better understand your requests and to help better the program, but I do not side with you on that. For example, you can request that Siri call someone for you, but by doing that, you authorize Siri to have access to a plethora of information:

<ul> <li><Strong> The names of your address book contacts, their nicknames, and their relationship with you (for example, my dad, or work)
Your first name and nickname
Labels you assign to your email accounts (for example, My Home Email)
Names of songs and playlists in your collection</strong></li></ul>

Maybe that doesn`t sound too scary to you. But from my reading, if you wanted Siri to locate an abortion clinic or something, <strong>Apple has the right to share it with Apples partners who are providing related services to Apple.</strong>

<strong>LIKE, OMG.</STRONG> I cannot stop my mind from freaking out right now. First, I worried about my Facebook app getting access to all my MMS and SMS messages, now I can`t even trust my own iPhone.

Hopefully this was helpful to my fellow iPhone 4S users here on LUUUX.

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