Don`t throw away clumpy nail polish!

5 years ago

Edit: Brand is called "Beauty Secrets"

Let me start this post out by saying that I`m new to the game. I`m just starting to get into the beauty world, whether it be brands to love or pass on, how to properly take care of my face with the right products for me, how to mix colors, and the list goes on. I am a complete noob, but that`s okay.
This past fall I turned into a complete nail junkie. I used to keep the same old tired and clumpy nail polishes around, didn`t know what a cuticle was or WHY I should care about it, and I certainly couldn`t paint inside the lines (still can`t, but who are you to judge me?!). I started to pay attention to the trends, how to do nail art, and how to care for both my hands and my products.
I was introduced to this type of product and picked this particular bottle up at my local Sally Beauty Supply store, and would highly recommend it to anyone who takes an interest in nail polish.
It`s an inexpensive product that you use in 1-2 drops at a time: add a drop or two to a bottle of polish that`s starting to thicken, replace the cap on your polish, give it a few shakes, and it`s good as new. I would recommend this even further if you`re using any kind of crackle polish, as those tend to thicken up faster than a normal polish, and the effect does not work well if you have to glob the polish on your nail!
I apologize if this is a "duh" post for some of you, but when I found out I could easily extend the life of my nail polishes, I was pretty excited about it. I have a rather large collection of both traditional and crackle polishes (which will probably show up in a later post) and it`s a fairly expensive hobby. Hopefully these kinds of products will save people like me a little money.

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