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4 years ago

Tonight we had planned to eat some left overs but my son chimed in that he didn`t want that and wanted some pizza. Because he has his daddy wrapped around his finger... that is exactly what we had instead. LOL! I won`t complain, though. I have been craving Donato`s for a couple of weeks now.

Most of you probably will have no idea what Donatos is. It is a pizzeria that is based in Ohio. However, there are over 200 locations in 6 different, not too huge of a map spread. The one closest to us isn`t even close enough for delivery. We always have to drive to pick it up because we are out of range.

I absolutely ADORE their pizzas. According to the Wikipedia page on them, their large pepperoni pizza boasts about having over 100 slices of pepperoni on it. I can believe that. They cover edge to edge with pepperoni. Not just a small spattering like some other companies.

What I love, though, is the crust is thin... but meshes so well with all of the flavors of the toppings. Nothing feels like it is being overpowered by another ingredient. AND, if you get pepperoni they aren`t floppy and soft. They are crisped up when it is cooked.. oh man, delicious! They have some sort of herb and parmesan topping they put on at the end, too, which is out of this world. It sets them apart, in my opinion.

That is enough of me drooling after this pizza... I have left over pieces to shovel into my face! x-D


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