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4 years ago

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td valign="top" style="font: inherit;"><p>So I`ve always wanted to donate my hair. However I don`t want to chop it and end up with super short hair. My solution to that was, grow out my hair really long to the point where if I cut it, I would still be able to donate a lot and have medium length hair. </p>
<p>My hair had finally gotten to a length where if I cut it, I`ll be okay and wont feel like I have super short hair. The problem now is, I don`t even know where to begin this process. I know the hair has to be at least 10" and it cannot be bleached. I have a few strands that have been bleaching but picking those out wont be too bad. </p>
<p>Have any of you guys donated your hair? If you have, where did you donate it to?</p>
<p>(Picture is my own)</p>

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