Don Don Izakaya

5 years ago

My friends and I had been talking about this Japanese restaurant for 2 months. They were still renovating in January and we couldnt wait to go try their food! Last night, we finally went there and it was somewhat disappointing. When we entered into the restaurant, the lady did a quick drum beats. They gave us 2 things that we didnt order and it wasnt even busy. Some of the foods on the menu look really simple and easy to make. The food that we ordered tasted kind of bad and alright. The staff didnt seem like they were 100% energetic. Guu Izakayas and Guu SakaBars staffs were so much more energetic than them. They would shout on top of their lungs and the atmospheres were so alive! I think Guu SakaBar was the best one. I would definitely eat there again. Anyway, my friends and I would still like to check out Don Don Izakayas lunch menu. Hopefully, it would be so much better. I love the interior design and spacious place. What did we order? - Chicken and Japanese Plum Salad $7.90 The chicken was dried and plum sauce tasted weird. - Sashimi Salmon $10.50 - Soy Milk Tofu $3.50 (my friend didnt like the texture of the tofu) - Japanese Style Vege Hamburg Steak $6.20 (this plate didnt look like the menus picture) - Seafood Udon $7.60 - Green tea Mousse $4.20 - Black croquettes with ketchup $7 (My big sis didnt take picture of these food) - Hoppeta-Yaki chicken +potato +otafuku sauce $8.50 - Beef Bowl $5.20 Beef tasted dried and my friend added soy sauce to make it better. Lol. - Seafood Dorea $6.80 Mini mussels were dried and the rice was salty. *I didn`t try everything that were on the table.* Check out my previous posts on Guu Izakaya and Guu Sakabar Click here to find out more information about Don Don Izakaya: Rate and comment! <3 ****************************************************************************************

*Pictures belong to my big sis. She used her BB Bold 9900. DO NOT STEAL*

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