Dome Of QR Codes - Scan Away To See The Images

4 years ago

QR codes are getting more and more used these days to transfer information and or advertisement, because you can really put a lot of info in just a tiny strange square image and you just need a smartphone or tablet with a camera to read the codes and you get all the info right away.

Some Russians that must really like QR codes came up with this idea to build a interactive dome using qr codes, showing it at the Venice Biennale, where the visitors receive a tablet so they can go through all the exhibit scanning qr codes that will give them information and images that the codes hide.

I keep seeing more and more qr codes being used, especially for publicity because i usually find them in pack of gum to scan the code in order to enter some contest and its cool to see that they can also be used for a educational purpose and in part of art/exhibition.
Its probably not the must comfortable thing to go around scanning all those codes after a while, but still, it can be fun.

------ยป If you want to start use qr codes and scan them, you get a free app from your app store ( android or ios), just search for qr code / qr code scanner and you will find them for free.

<strong>Do you use qr codes or do you see them a lot?
What do you think of the use of qr codes for an interactive exhibit?</strong>

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