Dolphin Point at Seaworld + Touch Mammals!

After lunch, my boyfriend and I visited Seaworld because we were in the area and have a yearly pass! What we did within the hour? We visited Dolphin Point (my new favorite spot now!) and touched mammals throughout the park! If you`re planning a visit to Seaworld - I would highly recommend visiting Dolphin Point! Make sure to check the time to visit Dolphin Point.

Why Dolphin Point?

Dolphins swim openly in an open water exhibit with the trainers and you will be able to connect with the dolphins! You could have a chance to touch the dolphins, take pictures, maybe even feed the dolphins plus learn more about dolphins!

What was I able to do?

I was able to touch the dolphins and take some pictures with the dolphins! Others were able to feed, kiss the dolphins but I think I`ll skip that, hehe.

PS - Right before the the little show with Dolphins, there will be a splash zone! So don`t stand too close or you will get wet. They do warn you but some don`t hear and I saw poor people get their electronics wet while filming the dolphins!

Other mammals I touched for the day?
- Bat rays
- Tiger Sharks

Do you go to Seaworld? What is your favorite spot? Plan on seeing more areas of Seaworld since I`ll be going to Seaworld a ton throughout the year!

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