Dollar Store Steal: High Definition Sunglasses

4 years ago

I would normally breeze right past something like this. I wear glasses on a daily basis, so sunglasses are just not something I tend to purchase (aside from an occasional pair to wear by the pool so I don`t have to bring my glasses with me). My boyfriend actually spotted these, grabbed two pairs (one for me, one for him) and slipped it into our purchase at the Dollar Store this past weekend. He said he`d seen them places like CVS for $10 and he`s seen them at Wal-Mart, etc., for $5-10 depending on the brand. Since he`s purchased these and I have used them, I have seen them around. I saw them at Wal-Mart tonight (they all look alike) for $10. They all really do the same thing. They shield your eyes from the harsh sun rays, but it helps switch up the color shades so instead of the lenses darkening everything you see it actually BRIGHTENS it! You really do end up seeing the world in high definition! I`m near-sighted (meaning I need my glasses for distance) and I was able to wear these without my glasses on the beach and was able to see pretty well. You can tell a noticeable difference in what you`re seeing by just lifting the glasses from your eyes, and putting them back on. For a pair of sunglasses that cost $1, they were $1 well spent. My boyfriend has been obsessed with his, wearing them while driving, etc. And the funniest part? We popped into a convenience store to get some ice for when we were leaving the beach and the store had these SAME glasses for sale for $5. The store owner had picked up a bunch at the dollar store, jacked the price by $4 and was making a profit off them.

Have you ever tried HD lens sunglasses?

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