Dollar Store Beauty Finds!

4 years ago

Hey guys! So I`ve been trying various things lately that I usually never would. I used to not be so experimental with my makeup. I used to be okay with one thing if I loved it. And in many things I still am. But lately, I`m more open to trying different brands of things I like, mainly because I`ve realized there`s so much great stuff out there to explore!

This is not a post about one of those great finds...

... this post is about two crappy, cheap finds from a dollar store, that sucked.

A 99 cent depot close to my house has tons of great products. I`ve found some great revlon lashes for only $1 at that store! I`ve also gotten things like nail cutters, frames that look like they`re worth $20, and many other great items! I`ve recently started using sponges for my makeup which I`ve realized gets kinda pricey since I only use each sponge once (I can`t risk it with my sensitive acne-prone skin to use it more than once). I decided to try the dollar store version. What a waste of a dollar, honestly. I don`t know what I`m even going to use these for. Lashes, same thing. Sucked, big time. If you see either of these products (and this isn`t true for all cheap or dollar store beauty finds), don`t buy them.

Hope this was informative lol, and happy Luuuxing!

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