Doll Clubbing Look

4 years ago

Found this photo from last summer around this time when I had bangs so I thought I`d share with you guys =)

This is probably the last time you`ll ever see me in bangs as I prefer leaving them long. Bangs are just too high maintenance!

The one thing I don`t like about Asian clubbing is that EVERY GIRL LOOKS THE SAME. You walk into the club, every Asian girl, whether they are Japanese, Korean or Chinese, have the same pouty face, the same dress, the same heels, they`re even the same size, height and shape!

I try to look different by looking and dress like an anime character. It helps that I tower over every girl there. With my 5 inch heels, I`m about 5`10 - 5`11, while other girls with 5 inch heels only go to about 5`6 - 5`7.

I parted my bangs to the side to make my eyes more vivid. Rather than doing a smokey eye look that every girl had, I decided to go for a more natural toned-down cat-eye look. The only thing extra I do is accentuate my crease.

The only products I used were a liquid black eyeliner and mascara! I only used a bit of brown eyeshadow over my crease and I was done!

The entire look took me 20 minutes to do, including the hair.

Rather than having straight hair, I curl mine slightly to mimic doll waves =)

I`m actually going clubbing tonight =P And I look totally different from this. I`ll share it with you guys tomorrow!

What do you guys think of this look?

*photo is mine*


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