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Dolce & Gabbanas D & G division is launching five new perfumes in a collection called The D & G Fragrance Anthology. The fragrances are named after tarot cards: Le Bateleur 1, LImperatrice 3, LAmoureaux 6, La Roue de la Fortune 10 and La Lune 18. Its easy to remember those names, right? And before I forget, each scent is represented by a naked model or two woo-hoo! (yawn).
Le Bateleur 1: The Juggler/Magician

Le bataleur (Tarot card)(aromatic and aquatic notes, cedar and vetiver)

Le Bateleur 1 smells like cedar chips floating in a bucket of ocean water. Thats the first minute. Then, the interesting opening leads directly to sport fragrance territory (theres melon/calone, mild spice, watery cedar and rinsed-clean vetiver). Le Bateleur 1 is a smooth sport fragrance with good lasting power; why anyone thought the perfume world needed it is beyond me.
LImperatrice 3: The Empress

(watermelon, kiwi, pink cyclamen and musk)

LImperatrice 3 begins with the aroma of sweet citrus fruits; the watermelon-kiwi accord has a nice intensity (and does not bellow: MELON! MELON! MELON!). Grapefruit-y and green notes keep LImperatrice 3 from becoming too sweet. The cyclamen note is aquatic, but not annoyingly so, and as the scent dries down, it becomes less sweet, more tart and smells (mid-phase) like Byredo Pulp (lets call it Pulp-LITE). LImperatrice 3s base notes smell of soft musk with a fruity-beer twist. Even with a name like LImperatrice, a man can wear this fragrance. LImperatrice has so-so lasting power, but its my favorite of the five Anthology fragrances. If someone gives me a bottle, Ill wear it.
LAmoureaux 6: The Lovers

(spices, bergamot, juniper, pink pepper, cardamom, birch leaf, orris, wood and musk)

LAmoureaux 6 is a light-weight Herm├Ęs Bel Ami; it combines a citrus-aquatic accord with a small dose of spice (pepper, cardamom) and juniper. In a sugary line-up of fragrances (three of the five D&G Fragrance Anthology perfumes are sweet), Im pleased LAmoureaux 6 replaces fruity-sweetness with woody-spiciness. Still, nothing about LAmoureaux 6 holds my interest; been there, smelled that.

D & G The Fragrance Anthology adverts
La Roue de la Fortune 10: The Wheel of Fortune

(tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, benzoin and patchouli)

Sweet, sweet, sweet, dessert-y: La Roue de la Fortune 10 is a candy-shop floral fragrance, and it does not appeal to me at all. Tuberose, gardenia and jasmine blend together in a blur of white flowers; neither note stands out forcefully (jasmine is most discernible, with a hint of candied banana and citrus). If this fragrance were the tiniest bit stronger, it would barrel straight into Headache Territory for me; patchouli and benzoin do nothing to take the sugar off the boil. This is an instantly recognizable, and very feminine, scent another why-bother, a-hem, creation.
La Lune 18: The Moon

(lily, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, orris and leather)

La Lune 18 is a sheer lily-musk fragrance. I cant say it smells cheap exactly, but it has an aura of (old) Avon about it and seems created with a perfume-by-numbers technique. The moon deserves better. To my nose, there is not a hint of leather in this scent, and the orris has been gobbled up by the white florals. Again: this is a SWEET, though not food-y, fragrance, and its womanly.

Tarot card: The Fool Five perfumes reviewed in short order; not one of them, in my humble opinion, original or interesting enough to deserve precious department store perfume space. I can only believe the guys at D & G arent really into fragrance. Is there a tarot card that reads: You are exhausted, bored, you need a jolt? Thats MY card! (Or perhaps Im a combo of The Fool and Justice a perfume searcher whos always looking for something new and great, but who often finds disappointment and fault at the end of most perfume-seeking journeys.)

The D & G Fragrance Anthology fragrances are $65 for 100 ml.

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