Dog Stairs - Customize your home for your Dog?

<strong>Calling all dog lovers</strong> -- Would you invest over $6,000 on essentially an elevator for your dog if you had stairs in your home? This hasn`t hit markets yet but it`s a prototype that "hopes" to reach markets and sell.

<strong>What`s the point of this design? </strong>The obesity rate for dogs is increasing and the predictions are that dogs will be overweight by 2022 because they eat too much. HmmMmm, I don`t know where the statistics are coming from though except according to the UK news. And extra weight on dogs may give some over weight dogs a hard time to walk up stairs so .. stairs it is?

<strong>How does these stairs work?</strong> When the dog wants to go up or down the stairs they have to press on the PAW button.

Honestly, I don`t even think this is a smart creation. Dogs aren`t overweight on it`s own. The owners are feeding the dogs, walking dogs, letting the dogs have their free time to run around and so forth.

<Strong>Do you think this will be a hit design.. stairlift for dogs?</strong> This would make dogs more lazy and more human life. I don`t think this design will be a hit, sorry to this company =(

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Also if you want to learn more about dog facts on why they think dog obesity is increasing read the article too.

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