Dog POOP wanted 4 FREE Wi-Fi

This has got to be one the strangest campaigns I have read but there is a good point to it. And yes you read correctly <strong>Dog Poop for Free Wi-Fi</strong>. In Mexico City, public parks are filled with dog poo because the owners don`t pick up after their dogs (which is a shame, if you have a pet at least be responsible and if you can`t, then don`t own one!) <strong>Terra</strong> which is a Mexican Internet Company is trying to stop parks from being polluted with dog poop by offering free public Wi-Fi. So far, 10 parks will be included in this trial process.

<strong>How will the 10 designated parks get free wifi from Poop?</strong>
There will be a special container that has a weigh only for dog poop. As the container gets heavier and filled with dog poop, the more free Wi-Fi that particular park will get = more people can enjoy a poo-free park with Wi-Fi!

<strong>What would you do for free Wi-Fi? Do you think this is a good idea?</strong> I think it`s a great incentive for parks to get free Wi-Fi if simply dog owners pick up after their dogs! It sucks that the City has to make this a campaign since it`s self explanatory to pick up after your dog. =( But I hope there is some air fresher near by that trash can because it`s going to be there for a long time to weigh POOP! Also it`d be nice to get free Wi-Fi at the park for days when you want to go to the park to lay in the sun, study, or whatever the case may be.

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