Dog agility at home !!!

hiiiii there !!! this blog is about dog agility at home. i trained my two labs and my jackhuahua (jack russle cross chihuahua) to jump, go through tunnels, weave, and go through hoops at home! no trainer needed! all dogs of all abilitys can try it! one of my labs was basically untrainable !!! she couldnt even lie down !!! and now is amazing and can jump a course of 1.20 meters! she has found what she is good at! if you are getting bored of walks and want a different type of excersize for you and your dog..... agility is the way for you!
1) put your dog on a lead.
2) introduce your dog to poles on the floor and just walk over them (every time your dog walks over it strait, either reward with a treat or a toy!) you will need to practise this alot !
3) now take the lead off and see if your dog will walk with you over the pole ! if not then hold on to the collar and introduce a voice command such as hup!
4) now if your dog is ready then prop the pole up on a chair and make a crosspole!
5) lead your dog over it with a lead or make your dog wait on one side and call it over the otherside with a treat or a toy!
6) now pick up the pace ! try a trot and run alonside your dog, either on a lead, holding its collar or (if your comfortable enough) just run allong side .
7) practise this for a while until your dog gets the hang of it!
8) now make the jump into a little strait bar, take your dog over it and practice!!!
9) now when your ready you can link jumps together, then corses!

havvvvvvvveeee funnnnn and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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