Does Peanut Butter Contain Bug Parts?

4 years ago

The answer is: Yes. I know it sounds disgusting, but it`s true.
This is what it says on the All Experts site:
There are reports available from the FDA if you want to be paranoid. These are reports that specify how much bug eggs they will allow in food, for example. The worst food for bug parts? Peanut butter. The bugs, literally, come in with the peanuts and they don`t have time to separate the bugs from the peanuts when they come in from the farm like that, so the bugs get ground up with the peanut butter. You eat peanut butter, you eat bugs. And this knowlege does not keep me away from peanut butter, or other foods, cuz for one there are many, many people, probably larger than the population of America, who eat bugs and live and are strong and healthy, and also because there is nothing I can do about it anyway. Tho I can avoid a fast food restaraunt if I know they are putting cleaning fluids in with their sauces.

Still don`t believe it? Go look it up.
My opinion: I honestly don`t really care. Because I loooove peanut butter! Haha. :D It`s also healthy. I mean, it`s not unhealthy to eat bugs. Nasty when you think about it, but I don`t think about bugs when I eat peanut butter.

So yeah, that`s all I wanted to share. (:
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