Does Load Really Slow on Firefox? Or is it just really Slow?

4 years ago

Dear Luuux,

Your IT team = FAIL. The AOL dial-up man runs faster than your website. I`d love to post, but your website needs to work first. And I don`t use GBP, so can you change that depending on the user`s set location. Or am I big-time, is there a reason why Firefox cannot view your page. Can i alter something in my settings to bring out of the Stone Age? Your Shoplinks panel on the content page doesn`t show the pictures, and loads NOTHING. It also loads this NOTHINGNESS really F**KING SLOW. I really want to like this website, but Luuux, you are making it increasingly hard. Can you please start using MacBook Pro`s like the rest of us and get with the program? Are you guys sleeping? Wake up, we`re using high speed internet. And if someone has a solution to my slow-loading, really annoying problem please advise.

Love ya, mean it


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