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5 years ago

A lot of us work on the computer all day and then come home and to churn out the posts, comment and like to the point it feels like you are working 10+ hours a day if not more on the computer. Do you have soreness and tension related to typing and using your house? Well if you do this reflexology massager may be the answer for you. This device which was designed by physical therapists, compresses trigger points on the palm and back of hand. The soothing rhythm is said to be able to reduce tension, stress, and fatigue. You can choose a 5, 10, or 15 minute session at 4 different pressure levels. It also has an infrared function that can keep your hands warm and promote circulation. This massager is a $119.95, but it does have a lifetime warranty. I personally would never get this as I have one of those pad things on my mousepad and also infront of my keyboard for my wrists to rest one while using them at work and home, so never feel soreness in my wrists, but fingers yeah some times I guess, but wouldn`t buy a massager for that as I`d just lay off the typing after work hours instead.

Do you ever get sore fingers/wrists from typing or using your mouse?
Would this be something you`d consider buying or using if you got it as a gift?

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