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I never had acne until I was 16 -17years old and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I breezed by my adolescent years without a pimple on my face and when everyone around me had clear skin I did not! Its been a long road but Ive got it managed now following a few regiments (prescription) and I follow my own cleansing regiments. Although I find when talking to people around me, many have misconceptions about what is really causing their acne. <em>Ladies, rest assured chocolate is NOT causing you acne (huge sigh of relief now 1, 2, 3)!</em> Its been proven by studies.

Now heres what you need to do do your homework! Try to find the route cause of why you are having a break out.

<strong>- Are you taking a prescription medication for anything? </strong> If you are, you should be reading the paperwork that comes with it OR if you dont feel like reading it, ask your doctor. There are medications out there that have acne listed as a side effect of the medication. Same thing with some medications making those take it gain weight. Know what you are putting in your body!

<strong>- Remember: you are what you eat!</strong> By that I dont mean you are going to turn into a cheeseburger but by that Im saying if you eat a lot of packaged foods and/or fast foods (think cookies, cereal [and I mean sugar packed], French fries, burgers, etc.) you can be prone to break out more than someone who tends to watch what they eat.

<strong>- Are you stressed out?</strong> This wont affect everybody, but this can affect those who have had a history of acne (I am sadly in this boat). Generally the stressed out scenario can typically go hand and hand with hormonal changes which Ill talk about in a moment.

<strong>- Are you wearing the wrong makeup product(s) on your face?</strong> This is a big one and varies person to person, but yes, your makeup can cause you acne. You have to really read the labels and see if it states its in laymen terms, acne free.

<strong>- Are your menstrual cycles regular or irregular?</strong> This can have a big play on acne all together because it ties into your hormones. I just went to see a new dermatologist last week and she was talking to me about this because a lot of people have hormonal changes. Some have higher estrogen, others have slightly higher testosterone and even the slightest change of these hormones during the day can cause a blemish on your face. You can typically iron this out by going on a birth control regiment (by that I mean finding one that works for you) and evens out your hormone levels.

<strong>- What are you using to wash your face and treat your acne outside of the shower?</strong> Look at what you are using and read the backs of the bottles. If you are using multiple cleansers, creams, etc., know what you are putting on your face because you may be doing more harm than good. You may actually be doing TOO much and confusing your skin and creating a whole new problem for yourself. Ive been in this boat before where Ive been slapping different things on my face and wondered why I had MORE acne than before I started. Well, by using different products that do relatively the same things, with additional chemicals, they combat one another and can in turn clog your pores hence creating a white/black head and a harboring pimple.

<strong>- Are you touching your face during the day?</strong> If so, you should try to cut the habit. I know its a hard one to break, but you are really only putting germs on your face and if you have an open pore the germs could get in there, get trapped and cause a blemish, or two.

<strong>- REMEMBER: What works for your friend or beauty expert may NOT work for you!</strong> Just because your friend tried Proactiv and it was her cure, doesn`t mean it`s going to be your cure. Every person is different and everyone`s acne troubles are caused by different things. Don`t get discouraged, just find what your right fit is.

Now there are some of us who can control our acne at home with over the counter products (face washes, creams, gels, etc.) and its just a matter of finding what works for you. But on the other side of the coin, there are some of us who need to see a specialist to get our acne cleared up from UNDER the skin. I sadly, am once again one of those people because I have cystic acne. Cystic acne is when your oil ducts become large and inflamed due to excess oil build up and in turn produce hard, cysts under the skin, which typically show up on the face with some redness. I have been seeing my dermatologist since I was 7 years old (for a completely different issue then) so by now I should know the ins and outs of skin care at least for myself. But I will say sometimes I turn into a dope and ignore all that I know and when I look in the mirror months from now I am having a fit because my acne is back. Its human nature to think <em>I got this under control!</em> and ignore it because things are better for the moment.

I will say this, if acne has been a constant issue for you (and if youre an adult and still suffering from acne its common! Youre not alone!), I would strongly suggest checking into seeing a dermatologist. For a small (if any) co-pay to see a doctor and get a medical explanation as to what may be going on, you really have nothing to lose. I personally take an oral form of acne medication and I also use a topical gel and a cream during the day & night. The three together, work wonderfully! Then to combat some of the issues I get on the flip side (dry skin) from using the cream medication, I make up for in a cleansing routine which I stumbled upon on my own trying different things.

Once you find what works for you, youll be SUCH a happy person.

Do you or have you seen a dermatologist for acne?
Do you use over the counter products to deal with blemishes/acne?
What combination of products works for you to treat your blemishes?

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