Do you want to be famous ?

Hello guys !

I want to ask you a question, have you ever thought how it is to be famous ? Because i have. I know i know probably 90% of you want to be famous, let`s be honest. But it`s not only the money. Yeah you are rich as hell you could buy everything from Louis Vuitton, Dior but you have zero privat life... Paparazzies are following you all the time, you can`t go even shopping, meet with friends, you can`t go anywhere ! And next day you will read in the internet some stupid gossips, that you were drunk, your outfit was terrible ane you are just ugly... That`s probably why all that famous persones buy big houses with pools, forest, gardens etc. Because there are the only places where they could go...It doesn`t sounds that good, does it ? I watched few videos on youtube and it was mega mega scary. For example Beyonce was doing shopping but... It was so strange. She arrived in huge limo with FOUR bodygurads, they pushed her in the store and when she left the store there were her fans, paparazzies, all that people were shouting, screaming and trying to touch her... There are hundreds of that kind of videos in the Internet. That`s why i don`t want to be famous. It`s good thing to have money but for me it`s not worth it. Privacy is very very imporant.
What do you think ?
Do you want to be famous ?
Is is worth it ?

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