Do You Remember Tamagotchis?

5 years ago

About 12-ish years ago, a little egg shaped toy was released by the name of "Tamagotchi". WIth this little electronic device, a kid could take care of a virtual critter called Tamagotchi from when it was born and watch it grow up. This little toy followed the philosophy that things can grow up only with nurture and care so in the game, the more the child took care of the pet, the better the baby grew up to be. This encouaged children to learn responsibility as well as have lots of fun.

I got my first Tamagotchi when I was about 8 years old which is the pink one (second picture). IThat was the second released version. Today, there are a total of 7 versions :) I adored these toys my whole childhood!

Version 2 (Picture 2)- pink one- this was a basic design where a child would simply take care of a pet by feeding and cleaning it.

Version 4(Picture 3)- this version came in with 3 new features. Firstly, it came with a little antenna at the top that identifies it as the 4th version. Secondly with this new tamagotchi, the child is able to enter a code and send their pet to the online world. Thirdly came the option of games and money to buy toys to add luxury to a tamagotchi`s life.

Version 5(Picture 4)- this was called the "Famitama" because instead of raising only one pet, you could raise 3 together, a family. Then when they became of age, they could go to a dating show and choose a mate :) The roof at the top of it shows that it is a family. This can also connect to the computer.

Version 6(Picture 5)- This is called the "Music Star" tamagotchi because in this one, the tamagotchi creature is able to play instruments and form a band. They can also be accessed online where it is a whole new world of unlocking trophies, money, etc.

Although throughout the years, it has changed greatly, it still remains that the tamagotchi follows the same concept that love and care will help anything grow up well.

Have you played this before?

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