Do You Remember ? Tamagotchi Virtual Pets

4 years ago

Do you guys remember the craze a long time ago of Virtual pets ? Where you had palm size little toys where you played, fed, bathed, etc. a virtual digital pet. Me and my sister pretty much had a phase of nothing but these toys. The most famous were called Tamagotchi, and the bigger one I have in the second picture is a Giga pets. There were even different versions of these toys, where it was "tamagotch v2". Nowadays, younger kids have iPads, iTouches, heck, some even have phones. They probably have "virtual pets" on them lol.I don`t really play with these any more, and also, they ran out of battery >_< . But boy, these toys were the best!

Oh, and I saw another person here on luuux post about tamagotchis, I was like, I was just going to post mine up! I guess tamagotchis/virtual pets might make a comeback ?

Thanks for reading, and my pictures, so please dont use !(:

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