Do you quotSpring-Itquot?

5 years ago

Hi lovelies,
So it`s spring time and Easter is coming and gosh can you believe it is April already...............wait...........I am just messing with you...this is not a "How to spring clean" type of tutorial. This is a review on a neat little tool to get your face hair free. So as you can see the above picture, you can see there are two handles (pink plastic part) and in between it is a big metal coil. To use it, you just bend it in a U shape and start rolling it on your face. Now from my experience, you can maneuver it based on your need.

You usually start from one cheek side to another going upward direction. I have tried it in every direction (meaning going upward with a curve, straight, downward, slight straight with a curve), whatever to remove hair. When you keep doing it for few minutes, you can feel heat producing from your face and it may become bumpy and red but it goes away. You can use it on face but do not try to do eyebrows with it because more than one hair will be caught in it. My suggestion is to not do this before heading out.

My Pros:
-->It is small and skinny enough to be kept in space saver.
-->You can do this anywhere (not that I would pull it out in between a meeting).
-->It is battery-free, electric-free, charge-free....
-->No need for appointments or setting up date, it can be done for few minutes while you watch tv.
-->One time payment (depending on where you get it from) and you can use it for a year at least and it doesn`t break (unless you go wild with it ;) )
-->It removes hair from root so if you continue using it, hair comes slower and lighter.
-->No chemical what so ever and absolutely natural process. (can I get a Hallelujah)

-->It is painful, especially the first time that it becomes discouraging.
-->Hair is caught between the springs and difficult to clean it. This is my erk, but I try using a piece of paper and push it between each coil while holding it in U-shape to get some out.
-->*Since it is do it yourself kind of thing, you might get lazy and not do it...sometimes it is easier to get things done when you have made appointment and have to pay for it...*This is my big excuse and may not be applicable to other users.

This tool is simple and it came in a simple packaging like the ones for mascaras and lip glosses. Different company may call it with different names and their price may vary. I bought it from ebay for .99 while the actual My Spring It can be $9.99 and may give you accessory to keep it in (not sure).

I already had one and I ordered another one from ebay again just in case anything happens to the current one. This being said, I have to admit, I have a lot of facial hair on my cheek but I don`t use it religiously because I get lazy and the pain sometimes feels too much. Even though I use it every now and then (my personal problem), the tool does work. It might make hair removal easier to do it after a steam or hot shower as hair will be soft and pores would be open. I would recommend putting some aloe vera or rubbing face with ice cube after you are done to close up pores.

Too many pros and very little cons (painful)....All in all 4.8/5

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