Do you need more sleep?

4 years ago


Seems like a easy question to answer, doesn`t it. Ok, you`re sleepy when ... your have trouble keeping your eyes open ... you yaaaaawwwwnnnn.

Here are more signs you may be sleep deprived:

1. are you hungry? you`ve been eating but for some reason you are STILL hungry ... you may be needing shut eye, not food

2. do you feel like crying? crying for reasons that normally don`t make you cry, or for "silly" reasons ... you might be sleepy you ... um ... have trouble ... uh, what was I going to say ... remembering things or concentrating? sleep may the thing you need

4. just can`t get rid of that cold or caught another one? think ... have you been sleeping well or enough

5. saying oops alot? getting clumsy, dropping things, bumping into things may be a sign of sleepiness

6. not in the mood ;) ... you know what I mean? not enough sleep may affect that

So how are you sleeping? Getting enough? Do tell.

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