Do you know what I hate??

4 years ago

Do you know what I really hate? Having my Luuux$ taken away. Today I logged onto LUUUX to see if i had earned anymore luuux$. Instead I found -8 luuux$ for putting my post in the wrong community. I won`t tell you what happened, but I can tell you that my laptop is in currently in the fix it shop (I`m writing this on my desktop). I made a post asking what you are saving your luuux$ for, and didn`t know what universe to put it in, so I put it in technology. I got my 8$, and then had them promptly taken away. I am a newcomer to luuux, and had no clue what to put it in, they could have given me a warning or a polite reminder/inform me that luuux related topics belong in community. All I am saying is be careful about placing things is the correct universe, or your $ will get taken away everytime.

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