Do you know that you could burn calories watching an horror movie?

4 years ago

They can help you burn the equivalent of a candy bar. Check out the best films to lose weight.

This are the ten horror movies that burn more calories:

10th Place: `[Rec]` (2007) - 101 calories
9th Place: `The Blair Witch Project` (1999) - 105 calories
8th Place: `The Texas Chainsaw Massacre` (1974) - 107 calories
7th Place: `Paranormal Activity` (2007) - 111 calories
6th Place: `A Nightmare on Elm Street` (1984) - 118 calories
5th Place: `Saw` (2004) - 133 calories
4th Place: `Alien` (1979) - 152 calories
3rd Place: `The Exorcist` (1973) - 158 calories
2nd Place: `Jaws` (1975) - 161 calories
1st Place: `The Shining` (1980) - 184 calories

will you see a horror movie? Then you can grab the sweets without guilt: a group of scientists discovered that this kind of film helps burn calories.

By recording heart rate, oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, the researchers concluded that feelings of fear helps burn calories. This occurs through the release of adrenaline and acceleration of metabolism. There are some films better than others, but you can shoot down almost 200 calories in just 90 minutes (corresponding to 45 minute walk).

Richard Mackenzie from the University of Westminster, believes that "the adrenaline is known to decrease appetite, increase the metabolic rate, and finally burn calories." In conjunction with the movie rental company `LoveFilm`, they gathered a list with the ten best movies to burn more calories.

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