Do you have cute little kids (who are picky eater?)

Well the fun just bout to begin.If you kids who wouldn`t eat what you cook all the time because they think its nasty.well to learn to fix the eating.Her what to do.You have to make there eating fun.Cute so they think it yummy to it.Your child may happily eat some foods and toss others on the floor. ... For instance, you could cut foods into fun shapes using cookie for a snack don`t give them sugar. You can give them a apple the cut in 6 slice with peanut butter on them.

Even a trip to the grocery store can be an opportunity for play. Ask young children to help find fruits and vegetables that start with the first letter of their name. You may find that Abigail starts liking apples and that Ben suddenly starts eating bananas. Once you get home from the store, let children sort the foods by color or texture.

Or a good advice Kids who help prepare a meal are much more likely to eat it. Let your child help shell beans, roll out dough, wash lettuce, or other easy meal prep. She/he may give them a try once they are on her plate.
Making eating fun by making pizza with funny faces or play a games like words

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