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4 years ago

Hello beauties! Summer is creeping up, days are getting warmer, and you know what that means...oily, greasy, sweaty skin. Sound gross, but it`s not that bad. BUT- there is one important step to help your makeup from creasing or sliding off your face. And that is primer. Some of you probably don`t need to prime as creasing, visible pores, or oily lids don`t happen to you. For me though, I have oily,combination, and sensitive skin. My face has its own attitude! That`s why I prime. And if any of you have those kinds of problems, you might want to try different kinds of primers:

- eye shadow primer
- foundation primer
- face/skin perfecting primer
- lip primer
- or any kind really, there is so many available now

Many companies are also incorporating primers into the product so you can skip that step. Anyway, here is my list of favorite primers along with my own personal testimony:

Eye shadow primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion, $20
Now I know what you`re thinking..$20 for e/s primer??? (or maybe that`s just me lol) But you really don`t need to use a lot. A little goes a long way with this product. There are different finishes to pick from and my favorite is Eden, a matte finish. I have had mine for a couple years now and it is still full because the product goes a long way. I use it on my lids and my shadows don`t crease. I also apply it on my brows before I fill them in. (I will make a post about that so look out for that)

Face primer: No.7 Shine Free Primer, $10
Now, it`s not that when my skin is shiny that it is oily..because it`s not. I do have oily skin but my skin stays shiny 24/7. After I shower, wash, or rinse my face it is always shiny. So I use this product. It claims to stop shine for a matte finish (hypo-allergenic) and it does just that. I love this primer so much! You can apply this before or after your makeup application. I apply this as my very last step before I walk out the door. If you have oily skin, you should give this a try. I recommended it to my cousin, who has very oily, acne prone skin, and she bought one and uses it every day.

Perfecting primer: The porefessional by Benefit, $30
Honestly, I don`t remember it being $30. I remember buying it for $24 or something like that, but I just checked the price and...ouch. The product is amazing though, it covers your pores and smooths your skin. The feel is very velvety and I like to apply it where I use my under eye concealer because I tend to have textured patches.

Foundation primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, $15-$49
I don`t use foundation, so I use this to just kind of perfect my skin if I use concealer. I don`t use this as much anymore after I bought the Benefit Porefessional because I like that one better. But this one does just fine also. It is silicone based and feels a little heavy. But it does a great job at smoothing out the skin. I do own foundation for test purposes, and it makes any fine lines disappear.

Overall, there are so many primers out there all for different purposes. I really encourage you guys to try primers if you are having certain problems with makeup. It makes your makeup stay on longer, look more vibrant, and perfects the skin. It can also make a dramatic effect on the look of your skin, especially if it`s a color perfecting one. Don`t be afraid to try. <3

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