Do you believe in mediums?

2 years ago

Well today my aunt Felicia was at sonic and this lady kept staring at her and finally she came over to Felicia`s car and knocked on the window and she said `excuse me ma`am, did you just have a grandmother pass away lately, matter fact both of your grandmothers,` and Felicia said `umm yes ma`am,` and the lady said and it wasn`t to long ago when your father died correct?` And Felicia said `yes ma`am` and the lady said well I have been sent to give you a hug and to tell you that they have made it in heaven and are with the Heavenly Father now,` and Felicia said ` are you a medium?, do you need money?` And she said `no but I have been asks to find you and tell you that.` Felicia said ` umm well who sent you.` And she said ` I`m not sure, I just had the urge to go find you and let you know.` Felicia said `thank you so much!` We`ll when Felicia left she looked at the car that the lady got back in and the tags said that she was from Michigan. We are from Arkansas. As soon as I heard it, I got the goose bumps and I was no longer skeptic about mediums.

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