Do It Yourself: String Heart!

4 years ago

I love D.I.Y and I have a bunch to share with you all in the following weeks and months!

In this Do It Yourself, It is about this string heart that is a super cute and creative gift to give anyone!

It is actually fairly simple to do really. You will need:

A piece of wood (which every size you choose)
String(any color you choose)
a hammer

The first ting you want to do is get a square shape piece of wood, The larger the wood, obviously the larger the heart will be.

Next you want to lay a piece of paper down on the wood and tape it down so it doesn`t move. Straw a nice size heart, you can also see if you can find a template of a heart so it is perfect.

Take your nails, and hammer them in the wood, following the line of your heart. Evenly space them.

Carefully remove the paper, showing the wood and nail shaped heart.

Take your choice of color of string, and just start wrapping it around the nails in different directions. You can also make it neat and do one direction and such.

Note: tie a knot on one end of a nail, to keep it from sliding off.

Once you have created the design you like. Tie a knot with the reaming string at the head of another nail, to keep it in place.

And You are finished! It is super cute and unique.

It really is pretty simple. I like you can use even a small piece of wood and get the same design!

What are your thoughts?

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