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6 years ago

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for the longest time, I`ve been struggling finding the perfect jewelry hanger. I have SO many long necklaces that I`ve collected within the years. By placing them in drawers, they`ve either been tangled, broke, or never worn because it`s always tucked away. I was trying to think of ways to organize my necklaces that way they`re out in the open and don`t get tangled. I went ahead and brought this jewerly organizer from amazon but just didn`t like it. Now i use it for headbands instead. Then I thought of hanging them onto the pole of my closet. It was a great idea! While I was target, I saw a shower rod and thought, hey why not attach a shower rod to my closet as an extra pole for my necklaces. Let me tell you, it was genius! I love the way its SUPER organized! I brought silver rings that you snap on and off to hang the necklaces. It works like a charm!!! It`s been up for a few months now and I`ve had NO complaints what so ever! It stays up, my necklaces stay organized and I can see them every day to pick with my outfits. I also have the actual closet pole then to hang up other items. The great thing about the shower rod is that you can adjust the size so it fits perfectly into my closet. I really love this, and it`s super cheap too!!!!! I brought the shower rod and rings from target, the cheapest ones I could find! Def. give this a try!!!

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