Do clothes make the man nowadays?

4 years ago

Clothes have always been a delicate issue no matter if man or woman.for hundreds and hundreds of years, mankind has struggled to keep up with fashion. Even now the world is still divided between the people who believe that clothes make the man and the ones that dont care about their appearance.
Personally, I think that the truth of the matter is that each and every single person agrees on one thing: you must dress to match the occasion you are attending to. We are all trying to do this, as you cannot wear casual clothes at a wedding party or a fancy gown at the gym!
But what can we do if we are being judged based on the clothes we are wearing? Yes, this is quite normal up to a point, but, unfortunately, the thin line between analyzing and labeling is too easily being crossed. The result is that people lacking money to dress nicely will also lack many opportunities in life. It is not only about the job offers or responsabilities, but also about the trust. One will never look up to an employer who doesnt dress right, nor will an employee gain respect of his fellow workers. The same thing happens everywhere you might look in this fast changing world we are living in. the modern society practically makes us abide by a dress code.
On the other hand, people will always try to express a certain style by the way they dress. Style is what makes us different from each other. It helps us express our true selves, even if we are wearing similar clothes. The dress code sets rules, but human beings are the ones who bend them.
Just as there are no two identical persons in this world, style will never be the samne for all of us. Even if you had 100 people dressed the same way, you would still be able to differentiate every individual from the group, right?
Then why does the saying in question still stand? There must be some kind of truth behind it, but is most definitely not getting the whole picture!
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