Diy:wildfox couture sweatshirt

01 - What you`ll need.

* A white crew neck sweatshirt, you can also get a blue on like on the big picture. I guess you can find them in Target, H&M..

* A heart stencil to trace. You can simply print out Words heart shape as big as it would fit on a sheet of paper and cut it out.

* Pencil

* Mod Podge

* Red Glitter, you can find it it craft shops for sure.

* A container for mixing glitter and glue, ask your parents.

* A paint brush, ask your parents.

* Newspaper.

02 - How to.

- With a pencil, trace around the heart stencil in the center of sweatshirt.

- Next is ; mix the red glitter with Mod Podge in a container. Just make sure the glitter is thick enough to cover the shirt well.

- Put the newspaper inside your sweatshirt. This will prevent the glue from soaking through to the other side, cause you do not want that!

- Paint the glitter&glue combo on the sweatshirt, stay in the lines, be super careful! You can paint 2 coats, but if one coat seems good enough, it`s okay. It depends on the glitter and glue.

- Let your shirt dry overnight to be sure it`s okay.

- When it`s dried, check it out -- there`s maybe some thin spots, paint another coat of glitter&glue. And let dry.

03 - How to wear ?

- Casual : Jeans, Minnetonka Moccasins, simple long heart/small pedant necklace, brown bag, a headband to spice it all up, straight hair.

- Dressy : Black high waisted skirt, black thin belt, leggings or over knee socks, oxfords/black flats/black wedges. Lovely curls.

- Indie/Hipster : High waisted denim shorts, vintage belt, heart leggings like those, gray leg warmers or gray over knee socks, vans/converse/docs, circle scarf in gray/black. Messy bun.


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