DIY`s with christmas lights!! lt3

Let`s start...

O1. Lights & Pictures.
This idea is really cute for your wall and also really simple.

- Curtain christmas lights
this one:
- Pictures
- Mini clothespins
- Clear tape

What to do:
-Take the tape and the lights and start pasting them to the wall in the way you want.
- When the lights are really well pasted.. take pictures and some clothespins and start putting them randomly on the top of the curtain lights.

O2. Lights under cutains.
This is a simple way to make you room look really unique with a few money.

- Christmas lights
- Clear tape
- Sheer white curtain

What to do:
For this project you only need to place the christmas lights under your sheer white curtain and paste them using a clear tape.

O3. Christmas lights headboard.
I find the process of this in pretty hard... so would try to find an easier process... and I`ll add it later. or I`ll make a complete set about it.

O4. Canvas Lights.
I found this project and I really want to make it... looks so cute and PERFECT!.. It will look really cute anywhere.

- Canvas
- Christmas lights
- Pencil
- Thick Needle
- Duct tape

What to do:
- First of all take the canvas and pencil and start drawing little dots on the back of the canvas ... deppending on the design you want. You can draw the dots randomly.. or you can make things like hearts, stars, ect.
- Then start making holes with your thick needle.... you will know the right size of your hole when you can insert the little light in the hole... You just want to insert the light part.. the white part must be on the back....
look at this picture:
- When you finish all the hole.. put glue around each hole and insert all the little lights. Hold each light for a few seconds.
- Then to secure the back.. use pieces of duct tape all over the back part of the canvas.
Look this picture:
- Then put your creation on the place you want... conect it to the electricity and enjoy it! :)

Credit of this project to: thirtiethavenue

O5. Lights in wine bottles.

- Wine bottles
- Christmas lights

What to do:
- Tell your parents if they can make a hole in each wine bottle. The hole must be on the a low part of the bottle.
- When you have you wine bottle done. Take the lights and carefully insert them on each bottle.. leaving a piece out.
- Place them where you want... and conect each to the electricity.

O6. Lights & Lace.
This idea is the easiest of all... but looks so cutee!! :)

- Christmas lights
- Lace or tulle

What to do:
- Start cutting some little lace or tulle rectangles.
- Take one lace rectangle and tie it to one light.
- Make the same with all the lights and rectangles.
- When you finish... place it wherever you want... can be on your headboard, on a tree, etc.

Hope like this tip!! :)

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