DIY:Pore Strips

You see those dark pointy hair-like things on your face?...Those are blackheads,ewww.But dont worry everyone has them and why you may ask "why dont i see them on other people?" well its because they probably use pore strips to remove those nasty blackheads.What did you say? you wanna get rid of your blackheads too?!?!Well i found out this cool in-expensive way.If you want to see it Visually go to MichellePhan`s Youtube page(Thats where i got this Idea from).Its easy,way cheaper,and at the end you get the same results as you would with those expensive Pore Strips.

First,you`ll need some ingredients.
2 tsp. of milk (Any,I use 2%)
2 tsp of Unflavored Gelatine
You`ll also need:
Microwave safe bowl
Make-up brush or Medium paint brush

In a Microwave save bowl mix the two ingredients together until it becomes a pasty consisency.Now put it in the Microwave for about 5-8 sec.It should look almost creamy like,lol.Head to the Bathroom or anywhere where there is a mirror.Before you put it on your face test it on your hand first to make sure its not to hot for your face.Now put it on your face as if your painting it,It should be an even layer.Wait 10-15 min for the Jello to become hard on your face.when its hard and not sticky peel the Gelatine mixture off your face.THERE!! no more black heads...its as easy as 123?..

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