DIY: Wire-Wrapped Spiral Ring

I really love rings. Big onces, small onces, I just love wearing rings. When I saw this post to make your own ring i couldn`t wait to try it.

What you need:
* Ring Mandrel (If you don`t have a ring mandrel you can use a pen or pill bottle
* Round Nose and Chain Nose Pilers
* Nylon Jaw Pilers (If you don`t have these you can just use your chain nose pilers to straighten out the wire)
* 20 gauge craft wire
* Wire cutters
* Measuring Tape
* 2mm round bead (any color

How to:
* Measure out your wire to 20 inces to create your shank (or base)
* Wrap your wire around the ring mandrel one sizer larger than your actual size ( for ex: If your a size 5, mark your wire at a size 6)
* Wrap your wire around 3x making sure that your wire tails aren`t touching
* Aftter creating the base for your ring:
* Pull your wire tails up cutting off any excess wire to make your tails even
* Add your bead
* Push your bead all the way down to the bottom of your base make sure it`s snug
* To secure your bead twist your bead to make sure it`s secure
* Push the wire tails down with your thumb
* While holding the wire start create your spiral
* Gently wrap the wire tails around the hole of the bead creating your first spiral
* Continue wrapping the wire tail making sure your spiral lays against each new spiral you create
* Make your spiral as big or small as you like
* Leave a 4 to 6 inch tail at the end
* Remove your ring from the ring mandrel
* Wrap your wire tails around the bead base 3x
* Seperate your wire tails into a left and right tail
* Wrap your left wire tail around the ring base 3x
* Wrap the other tail about the opposite side of the ring base 3x
* Trim the excess wire
* Pinch in the wire tails with your chain nose pilers

And your ring is finished. What do you think of it? Would you try it?


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