DIY : Watermarbling Nails!

4 years ago

Video is not mine, source is below!

Okay, so alot of people have been asking me to do the watermarbling design for my nails, well I actually have done it before! I only did it once and it wasn`t that good for me! It was nice, but I totally would have done way better if I wasn`t in a rush!

But anyway, so instead of doing it, i thought I`d show you used a video, it is easier to watch than to read about it! But here is how you do if you are wondering!

You can choose as many or few nail polishes you want, you. At least need 2. You can choose any colors or anything, but I like to go for the shade shades so they mix well together. People say that the newer the nail polishes, the better that they`ll mix and work. But sometimes that is not always true, but make sure that they`re good quality and not in gooey formula.

so these are all of these things you need, you need about 2 nail polishes, each different colors. Also a cup of warm water, not too cold nor too hot, they say warm or room temperature works best! A toothpick or stick, to clean up the extra nail polish and also some tape, for the easy cleaning!

3. TAPE THEM UP! So tape up for fingers around the nails, so when you do the design, it is a much better and easier clean up! You will be getting nail polish on your fingers or skin, so watch out for sme cleaning up to do!

4. NAIL POLISH IN A CUP! Get the nail polish into the cup, and do drops and drops of them in the water, they will expand itself, if it isn`t, that means the nail polish doesn`t work, and you need to start over! Do the nail polish drops like a bullseye, and to your liking, you can do the next step!

5. TOOTHPICK YOUR DESIGN! The title says it all, you basically drag in the nail polish and do a design in the water with the polish, try to go fast because it will dry up! And you need to hurry before it does.

6. FINGER DIP! then dip your finger into the nail polish cup and clean up the excess nail polish around your finger with a stick. Then take your fingers out!

You`ll get an awesome water marble design and it is totally pretty and nice. I actually liked it lot, but I do need some more practice with it. Maybe this will be my next design for my nails!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
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