DIY Wall Scrabble Project!!

Earlier today I saw a post by Michelle Mai Huynh of this larger than life and rather expensive Scrabble board pricing out at $12k! And I just thought of the coolest way to do this... and for waaaaaay cheaper! A little time consuming but it would be so worth it!

Ok! So here`s what you need:

Magnetic Paint:
1 gallon of a neutral paint you like for the scrabble board color (it would be enough for 2 coats plus some extra. If you`re not great with colors this one is a warm gray
1 quart size gallons of each of the colors: Red, Pink, Medium Blue & Light Blue (or any 2 shades that make you happy, it`s your board!) I`d totally do Purple & Lavender and Dk Green & Lime Green or something And just use the darker color in the lighter square and vice versa for your TW/TL and DW/DL scoring. And to save a little time just write the initials like I did there after the paint dries on those boxes! No need for sentences. Or you can use the black. (next item)
If you really want to write/stencil Scrabble all over your board you`ll also need 1 quart of black if you went with the gray board. If you chose to design your own and went with a dark board, get white instead, or a light color, but this same color will be used for your letters so choose wisely, you`ll have to look at it. =)

You`ll need letter stencils if you don`t like your handwriting. You can by them or make them yourself. You print your letters out from your printer on cardstock (the entire alphabet), cut out the letter, leaving the remainding paper as your stencil to tape to your wall and paint inside. Be sure to use an easy font, nothing to fancy, it will get annoying really quick trying to cut that out. I would just write mine personally but my handwriting is good and I can use a paintbrush very well. But seriously, by the stencil is really inexpensive.

You`ll also need painters tape in 1/2" thickness to tape off your board and to create the separation between the tile spaces. You`ll proably need about 2 rolls, more if you throw it away everytime you mess up. But here`s a trick, this tape is very resuser friendly, if it`s not straight, take it off and try again with the same piece. If you`re not a human level like me get a ruler or yard stick to make your lines first and then tape it off staying within your lines/boxes you`ve already drawn.

If your wall is already white, awesome, your border is already in! If it`s a different color, so what leave it that color, you still have tile spaces and separation! If you wanna take this with you and not paint it on your wall you can always use a really large canvas and back it with plywood (I`d paint the plywood with the magnetic paint for extra magnetic hold) and have it mounted on your wall.

Be sure to make your own arrows or tick marks all around your word scores so you can always see the point system once you place your letters in.

Ok, for your letters, this part will be tedious. You have to figure out how many letters you need... what is it 100 or something? Check out the source link it probably tells you. In the picture his letters are about 3-4".

You`ll need wood squares the same height as your letters. So if your letters are 4" you`ll need 4"x4" squares... for all the letters. You can buy Basswood Sheets at most craft stores and I would say about 1/8"-3/8" thick because you`ll have to cut them down to size. If you have an electric saw, awesome! If you have a handsaw, work those arm muscles it will be exercise. If you can find the wood pieces already cut down to size, even better! Most stores like home depot won`t cut them that small for you for safety reasons. So have at it. Once you have your pieces, enough for all the letters, paint one side with magnetic paint. When it`s dry, paint your letters and point value on the other side so you know if it`s a 1 or 3 or a 10 etc. You don`t have to use magnetic paint here, you can use craft paint if you like. If I did it this way, I would again use different colors for different point values. If you don`t want the unfinished wood look you can paint both sides of the wood or stain the front, your choice.

Now you can also go something fancy... (like I would probably do) make sure your board tiles are big enough to hold the letters of whatever size letters you desire and go to your craft store and buy the pre-cut wood letters. It may cost you an extra couple hundred dollars but if you can find them on sale maybe not, but that still gets your grand total no where near $12k. So with this option paint the back side of the letters with some of your leftover magnetic paint. Then paint the other colors of your letters using whichever paint you selected earlier to write scrabble on your board or you can use craft paint on the fronts and also write in the corner a small number for the point value on your letter. I would use different colors for different point value. So yellow would be 1 point letters, Red would be 10 point letters and so on and so forth. You can leave these as is as the really easy route and not use the square backing and use the larger moulding for the letter holder. Or you can also use double-painted magnetic squares as your backing for these. Your choice. I think it would be pretty fancy with the wood backs for a beter dimension thing. =)

For your 4 letter trays you`d need, moulding from your local hardware store at least 28"L if you chose 4" letter. If you want them to be finished you can stain them. If you took the fancy route of precut letters without square backs you`ll need wider moldings to hide your letter shapes... that`s what happens when you go easy fancy! lol

Oh and to store all your letters while you`re not playing... a cd rack. That`s what this one looks like... lol

And that my friends is project wall Scrabble! =D And as you see, this is what happens when my design mind soars! I would totally make this my me time project when I got my house. In a game room of course. If I didn`t plan on moving I`d paint this on the wall. If there was the slight possibility that I`d move... it would go on canvas and plywood to be mounted on the wall.

Could you really see yourself doing this if you had the time and space... ans patience?

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