DiY. Wall Art! (:

Who isn`t in love with that special personal wall art that most hipsters have in their hipster pictures?! (:
I know I love them, because you can write anything! :)
I`ve made some myself actually! (:

MATERiALS (this is how to make letters, like in the biggest picture)
- Scissor
- paper (any color, though not white ;))
- white or black sharpie (depending on which color the paper is)
- tape, or glue

O1. Find a quote.
The quote in the picture is quite long, so I`d propose you`d take a shorter quote. Like.. NEVER SAY NEVER, or just a simple word: LOVE (:

O2. Now take your sharpie and on each peace of paper white a capital letter from the word/quote, now cut the letter out with the scissor, and voila! You have your very first letter! :)

O3. Keep going, and in the end you have your final quote, just tape/glue it up and you got it! (:

MATERiALS (for simpler version/to spare some paper)

- Scissor
- Paper (I personally took white for this one)
- Black Sharpie
- Glue or Tape
O1. Find your quote! (:
This can be as long as in the biggest picture, or smaller. Your call. I take like.. 8 word quotes mostly.. (:

O2. Write the quote with your sharpie on your peace of paper (:

O3. And tape/glue it up! VOiLA! :D
Easy peasy as that! :)

iDEAS! :)
This is what I`ve written on my walls (their all found on Polyvore!)
"seems like the only one who doesn`t see our beauty, is the face in the mirror looking back at you" - taylor swift
"Being home alone, blastin music, singing loudly & dancing crazily"
"depressed? there`s a taylor swift song for that." "HATERS gonna hate"
"Hows life treating you? Like I ran over it`s dog.."
"I`m a weird f.cking kid."
"Oh SH-T it`s MONDAY tomorrow"
"B-tching about something, won`t accomplish anything, so get of your lazy self-entitled as.s and do something about it."
"I`m not hungry, but I`m bored. Therefor, I shall eat."
"I`m a mouse. Duh." - Mean Girls
"What does IDK mean? I Don`t Know.. OMG no one knows.."
"Rachael." (BFF!)
"Real girls aren`t PERFECT. Perfect girls aren`t REAL."
"i124Q (say it out loud)"
"You`re weird. I like you."
"Oh, the cleverness of me!" -Peter Pan
"YOU LOOK SUPER CUTE WHEN YOU SMiLE!" (this is right under my mirror!)
"55. Yelling HEY SL-T, and watching 15 chicks turn around."
"I`m so high, I could eat a star."
"What I do when I see someone EXTREMELY GORGEOUS: I stare, I smile and when I get bored I PUT DOWN THE MIRROR!"
"Why yes, I do frequently burst out in song."
"Roses are red, violets are blue, wait a minute! If violets are blue, what is violet?"
"You need a firm punch in the face."
"TiCK AND ALSO TOCK, BY RAPPER KEE-dollar sign-ha-" -Glee
"Pshh, I don`t stalk you. BTW, you`re out of milk.."
"She acts like summer, and walks like rain."
"Go insane, go insane. Throw some glitter make it rain."
Be my Edward & I`ll be your Bella, be my Prince Charming & I`ll be your Cinderella, be my Bieber & I`ll be your shawty"
"You can`t buy happiness.. Steal it!"
"no sh.t, sherlock"
"No I didn`t trip, I was testing gravity. (it still works)"
"aw HELL nah."
"pick the one that got SWAGGER"


Hope you liked it,
comment, add, and favorite! (:

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