DIY Victoria`s Secret Key! :)

5 years ago

Hello again, Luuuxers! I`m back today to show you a cute idea that I thought of this afternoon: painting my keys to pretty colors using nail polish! I thought that since I already decorated many stuff with nail polish including my Ipod Shuffle and whatnot and the polish hasn`t come off yet, I decided that it was time to revamp my ugly dulling bronze keys. At first, I was just going to make it a solid hot pink key but then I got the idea to add paler pink stripes, making it look like the classic Victoria`s Secret bags. My keys even got the special treatment that my nails get with the added addition of a top coat just to prevent any possible chipping. I thought that the idea was super cute and if you do, keep reading to find out how to recreate it!

- Hot Pink Nail Polish (Zoya Lolly)
- Pale Pink Nail Polish (B.O.)
- Pair of Keys
- Top Coat ( Rimmel London Base and Top Coat)

1. Paint a layer of whichever pink shade you choose, I would recommend using the paler one first.

2. Paint the nail polish as many times as it takes to become opaque.

3. Take your next pink nail polish and using the brush that it comes with, draw lines straight across, making sure that the hot and the pale pink stripes are both the same size.

4. When everything else dries, top the nail polish off with a top coat (this step is optional)

5. Let it dry and you`ll be done! I`d suggest propping the key on an old chopstick through the hole and either hold it up or prop it up so that there isn`t any chance that it`ll touch something as it dries.

That`s it! I hope you enjoyed this super fun and cute DIY and see y`all later!

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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