DIY Vans Shirt

4 years ago

lately ive been into DIY stuffs and this is one of my latest projects..

im a vans girl so when i decided to pimp my boring plain long sleeved tee, i decided to put VANS on it. it was pretty simple, and i had it done in perhaps an hour or less. haha

when i look at it, sometimes i can say that it is like store bought or something lol hehe. but really, you wouldnt know the difference unless you look at it closely and see some uneven lines and paints because my hand cant stay stable while i painted the design. but then again, this is a pretty good project, and considering i didnt spend that much amount on this shirt, just the materials which i still have a lot left of ink by the way, and a little effort and patience, and creativity i guess ;)

what i used:
-a plain tee
-textile ink
-paint brushes

this was my very first attempt at making tee design, so i didnt have any pattern or outline, just the logo on my vans shoes that i looked at. anyway this is a pretty simple design so yeah, all i had to do was paint on it like how a painter paints.. and then let it dry and wear the shirt like new :D

it just takes patience and creativity and i guess talent, because i feel like my letters are not aligned and some are bigger and thicker than the rest but still, i was able to complete it and it looks nice to me now =)


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