DIY Turquoise chocker necklace

5 years ago

So as you might know from my last post, I got tons of stuff from Micheals and am getting into the groove on DIY projects. The latest project I finished is this necklace. I love the finished result of it but I haven`t rocked it yet. This is really unique and it reminds me somewhat of that really popular house of harlow necklace you might have seen on a lot of celebrities. I`m not sure if its real turquoise but I bought it in micheals and really liked it and it was on sale for only $3.50 so I couldn`t pass it.

<strong>This project I used:</strong>
-wire clipper
-thin gold wire
-gold glass beads
-turquoise pattern
-chocker necklace
*Sorry, you don`t need the beading needle, I don`t know why I put it there LOL)

1) Cut enough wire so that you can wire through everything an still have a little bit left. I just estimated mine so I can`t say exactly how much you need.

2) Take a bead and lock it by threading it through once, and then once again so it would like like the first picture. Sorry I don`t know how to describe it >_<.

3) Attach wire to chocker necklace. I wrapped it around at least five times and made sure it was nice and neat.

4) Thread through first turquoise bead. Add another gold bead and then loop it through the chocker necklace and then through the gold bead once more. Make sure you have enough space so that the turquoise bead can dangle freely.

5) Repeat number four until you have threaded all of the turquoise bead and a gold bead between each one as a spacer. Make sure you don`t over work your wire because it will break! It broke on me once and I hadv to start all over again.

6) To finish it off, do the same thing as number two. And your done ^^

*All pictures are mine*

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