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2 years ago

Hi everyone! Every once and a while I will be bitten by the craft bug and all I will want to do is create things. Recently I was struck with the idea of a nice way to display my perfumes that would also encourage me to actually use them. If it`s not in plain view I will probably forget about it, and that is just a waste of money.

So of course I used Google and Pinterest to find ways to make a tiered stand for cheap, and I should have known that the dollar store would come to the rescue as usual!

This is a tiered stand and all of the materials cost me $6 to create it! I will be using this for perfumes, but you could use this for other makeup, jewelry, your keys...pretty much anything!

What you`ll need for this project:
- Very strong glue (I used E6000 which you can buy for $3 at Walmart, but I picked mine up at Michael`s)
- A large plate
- A small plate (if you are going to do more than three tiers, try to get three plates in successive sizes)
- Candlestick holders (the ones I purchased from the dollar store are only 4 inches tall, but I have some perfumes that are taller than that so I got a second one)

1. Clean the surfaces that are going to be glued together
2. Apply a layer of glue to the end of the candlestick holder than will be placed on the plate.
3. Estimate the center of the plate (or measure it out if you want) and place the candlestick holder
4. If you are only using one candlestick holder, apply glue to the other end of the holder and place the second plate on
5. If you are using a second holder, glue that to the second plate, and then to the first holder. (It is must easier to try and center the second holder to the second plate and then add that to the first glued set instead of gluing the two holders together and then trying to center the second plate on top.

Super simple right? But it has a beautiful impact and it was very inexpensive to create!

Thanks for reading!

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