DIY: Tie Dye Cupcakes

OMG! I love baking and i just found this! Sounds soo nice!

Here is how to make it!


2 boxes WHITE Cake Mix*, any kind
4 cannisters WHITE Frosting, any kind
1 multipack Food Coloring Dyes, I prefer Wilton gels - but any kind
1 box Quart or Gallon sized Ziploc bags
Cupcake Pans
Cupcake Liners
Frosting/Pastry Bag, 12 or 16 inch
Frosting Tip and Coupler, 2D tip
*other ingredients listed on box, eggs, water, oil, etc


Cupcake & Frosting Instructions

1. Prepare your cupcake mix in a large bowl according to the boxs instructions. Dont forget to preheat your oven.

2. Once you have your mixture ready you are going to divide it evenly between 6 Ziploc bags. (You can also use bowls but I found bags are much easier.) Divide the white cupcake batter evenly by the ½ cupful between your six Ziploc bags until batter is completely and evenly distributed.

3. Then, using your food coloring, mix the coloring into each bag, a different color for each. I used the following: blue, red/pink, purple, yellow, orange and green. Move the air out of the bag and seal completely before squishing your bag to mix the color. Mix your color evenly in the bags.

4. Prepare your cupcake pans with liners so they are ready to be filled.

5. Carefully snipping a small but not tiny hole into one corner of the zip lock bag, add a blob of each color to each cupcake liner, layering the colored blobs. You will only fill each liner about 2/3 full so do not put too much of each color in at a time. I would take one color and add it to each liner, put it down, pick up my next color, add it to each liner, and repeat until I used all six colors and my liners were about 2/3 full. Note: Do NOT swirl or mix the colors. Just layer them a bit. They will swirl as they bake.

6. Bake according to the directions on the box. Cool completely on a rack before frosting.

7. Similar to what you did with the batter, evenly divide your frosting into 6 bags. Then, using the same colors as you did before, add the food dye to each bag and seal and squish the dye to mix it.

8. Connect your frosting tip to your bag and coupler. Find a tall heavy bottomed glass or vase that isnt too wide and stand your frosting bag in it and fold the edges over the top.

9. Again, carefully snip a bag, then squeeze the colored frosting in as much of a line as you can manage along the edge of the bag. Pick-up your next bag, snip the tip and repeat, making colored stripes along the sides of the bag. You should be able to stripe 4 sides of the bag. Squeeze your last 2 colors to fill the center hole in the bag. Try to work quickly as the frosting does move with gravity.

10. Grab the top of you frosting bag and twist it so you have a nice firm pressure against the frosting inside the bag. You are now ready to frost!

Working from the outside perimeter to the center, pipe a swirl of colored frosting onto each cupcake. Repeat for all cupcakes. If you run out of frosting. Refill your bag in the same manner of colored stripes.

Enjoy, this is a long recipe but its good!


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