DIY Terrarium (mini gardenbiome)

by Lovey

this project is so fun and is the perfect diy room project also! You can put these on your window ledge, night stand, or dresser and give your room a nice feel of nature:) These little mini gardens are beautiful and here is how you make them! :

-A terrarium holder. This can be an empty fish tank, fish bowl, old jar of pickles, etc. It needs to be clear of course!

-Moist Soil//dirt//mulch

-Moss or a patch of grass

-Small plants and flowers


-Small fake animals(like dinosaurs,etc)
-Real or fake butterfly
-Mini outside furniture or house. (you can find these at craft stores)


O1:Clean out your jar//tank.
Make sure you clean it really good with soap and water and dry it. It needs to be nice and shiny:)

O2:Pour in your pebbles//rocks.
Do not do too much. this should only be one nice layer at the bottom of your jar, not like half of it or even a fourth of it.

O3:Pour in a nice layer of soil.
The best kind of soil to use is the one with the white specs in them, or with a mix of soil colors in them, like brown blacks and dark browns.
Make sure the layer is bigger than the layer of rocks. It should be about 1.5-3 inches thick.

O4:Add the moss//layer of grass
Now before you put the grass//moss in, you can add a small amount of tiny rock pebbles over the layer of soil. this is optional.
Place the layer of moss//grass in, and make sure it fits the inside of the jar. there shouldnt be space between the edges of the grass and the inside of the jar. If you absolutely cant avoid this, either add some more soil on the sides to fill in the space, or when its time to add in the plants, start planting them in those spaces.

O5: Add your plants.
Now for this part, you can have as many different plants as you want, just make sure they are all very small so they can fit in here. Small and tall thin ones work as well. i prefer to have some thin tall ones so they can stick out of the jar or maybe you can make your terrarium look like a forrest:)(ive done both, because i have made two)
Plant them starting from an edge of the jar or right in the middle. Dont space them all out in different places,or it will look weird. they need to be close together and look like a variety of plants. Besides, have you ever seen a garden with the plants all the spaced out one by one??no.
Add some small and pretty flowers:) I used the ones that grow with the weeds when your grass becomes overgrown in your backyard, because they are just so easily replaceable.
Or you can by some flowers that have thick stems (like roses or something) and add them in. If you water these thick stemmed roses, they will last longer if you water your terrarium.
Optional* Add some crushed dead leaves to make it look reeeeally real and believable. These leaves should be around your bigger plants, not just thrown on top,lol.

If you did get some small fake furniture or animals, add them in. I put my mini dinosaur in between on of my taller plants, so it made it look like he was just easing out of them. Its so cute:)

Water your terrarium SUPER lightly. Your plants are small and you dont have that much soil and stuff. Flooding your mini garden can cause it to look gross and muddy, and it causes odor.

Put it by the sun. My first on that i made that has a whole lote of plants in it, is on my window seal. And before i leave for school, i raise my blinds a little or open them so it can get some sunlight.

Use bigger jars. like those huge pickle jars, empty fish tanks, fish bowls,etc. Smaller jars will make your stuff look cluttered and your stuff will die faster.

When planting your plants, make sure to put the stems//roots all the way down in there and press the soil tightly around it. This is so they wont lean and so when you water them, they are getting water and nutrients from the soil properly.

follow all of that and you will have the most beautiful terrarium//mini garden ever:D


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