DIY spring jewelry

ive been doing a lot of DIYs lately because i love them (:

Braided Bracelet
this is an older trend that has been popular for a while but is still really cute (:

you`ll need:
- strips of long fabric or a variation of thick and thin ribbon
- clasp or hot glue gun (optional)
O1. start cutting long strips of fabric. try mixing it up with a solid strand, a floral strand and a ribbon!
O2. start braiding, making it as perfect as you can
O3. braid it until it fits your wrist a tad loosely
O4. then, tie it and cut off the extra fabric. You can also, use a clasp or hot glue it for a permanent close.

Pearl flower earrings
adorable :)

you`ll need:
- ribbon or strand of fabric
- pearl earrings (cheap ones like from forever21)

O1. begin by cutting out a strand of silky fabric of ribbon
O2. cut out little circles from the fabric/ribbon. this is your flower petals!make them different sizes for a more dramatic look.
O3. stab your earrings through the petals in the center and curl the edges of the petals to form around the pearls

thats it (:

Ribbon + chain necklace
i made one and wore it to school and everyone asked me to make one for them!

you`ll need:
- a chain (one with big links) mine is 36 inches from michaels (:
- ribbon! make sure its at least 50 inches (:

O1. start to lace the ribbon through, skipping every other link
O2. once youve reached the end, tie in a bow!

hope i helped (: requests are open~

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