DIY Skull T Shirt Cutout

5 years ago

I love DIY projects like t shirt cutting. Although this is currently being sold at Urban Outfitters its really not that hard to make one for your self. I usually don`t like giant backless shirts but i love the design on this.

You will need:
An oversized shirt
a flat surface

1. Simply lay your shirt inside out and place on a flat surface (I usually use a piece of cardboard)
2. trace the skull pattern using pencil or chalk to make it easier to see. You may want to wear it and see if the pattern is large enough for your liking.
3. cut out the pattern
4. wear it out :D

I`ll probably try making this one but also crop it in the front and let the back be long a flowy to make it more trendy.

Hopefully this will save you a few bucks and if you`re anything like me, you`ll be proud wof your resourcefulness ;D.

If you`d like to save yourself some time you can buy it at Urban outfitters for $39.99 + shipping. Unfortunately it`s only online.

**picture is not mine but is owned by urban outfitters. If you want to purchase this please click on sourcelink.

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