DIY: Shorts

4 years ago

Gather what ever garment is to be be-speckled, a ruler and/or tape measure, a small container, something to stamp the dots with,paint and fabric medium. A gridded cutting mat is helpful too but not essential. Folding the shorts in half makes it easier to line the ruler up with the marks on the cutting mat, keeping the rows straight. Mix the fabric medium and paint according to the directions on the bottle. Decide how far apart your dots will be. Lay the ruler on the shorts, lining it up with the cutting mat if you have one. Stamp on a dot every half inch after lightly dipping whatever you are stamping with in the paint. Move the ruler up or down half an inch and repeat, centering the new row of dots in between the first row. Settle in with some Breaking Bad (or any show you need to catch up on an entire season of) and carry on. Every few rows, wipe off whatever you are painting with on a paper towel. The paint tends to start globbing (technical term) up which results in bigger and bigger dots. Half way there. Some dots may need to be stamped a second time to be noticeable. Depending on the instructions on the fabric medium, you may need to heat set the dots once you are done. (Heat setting is typically a fancy word for ironing with a press cloth between the project and the iron. I did this step but didn`t take pictures since ironing is a pretty basic skill.)
Then all that`s left is to find something fun to wear them with! Enoy. c:

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